Illinois Food Safety Sanitation Certification Training

Illinois Careerpath Institute offers food safety sanitation training that allows for the Illinois food safety license.

This is accepted food safety program among local and state governments in Illinois. The food-safety and sanitation certification training qualify successful participants for both state and local governments’ license/certification. The training allows students to learn and gain detailed knowledge of Food borne Illnesses, Purchasing and Storage Practices, Cooking and Serving Safety, HACCP, Pest and Contamination Management, as well as Federal, State, and Local Regulations.

The class topic includes the following subjects:

Food safety
The Microworld Contamination, food allergies, and food borne illness
The safety of food: Food handler
The flow of food: An introduction
The flow of food: Purchasing and Receiving
The flow of food: Preparation
The flow of food: Service
Food safety management systems
Sanitary facilities and pest management
Food safety regulations and standards
Employee food safety training
Review of course and examination for license / certification

During the training sessions, students will be guided through study and test preparation methods associated with the subjects. The training materials consist of test book, hands-outs, videos, role play, and practice tests.

For information for class dates, please call 312-346-3662 ext. 15.

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